Libertine in Dreams

life in e-motion


A few things about me:

Raised by Sid n Nancy.
Schooled by Marias.
Loved by Kojak.

I’m a secret admirist, failed pacifist, probable succubust and self propagandist.

From Samoa..
Full time referee of my head and my heart..
Enjoy a creme bun or two..

Amateur photographer.
I started a photoblog called See You In Samoa about, you guessed it, Samoa.  I love and hate this country and enjoy taking photos of it all.

Thank you for reading this far, I think you’re awesome.


A tiny disclaimer:  Should anyone care, all comments are my own.  I don’t represent any organisation, other than the garage band that plays in my head and wakes the neighbours with terrible, endless, guitar solos.
No content may be reproduced or printed without prior permission.
Except for my own photography, all photos shared on this blog are probably from Google and I don’t own any of them – so credit where credit is due.


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