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Okay, for those who care about local politics and the upcoming Elections and are interested in the differences between the ruling party (HRPP) and the Opposition (Tautua Samoa), I’ve attached the two Manifestos below – as released by each party this month.

General Elections are next week, so if you are still unsure what each party stands for and what they plan to do for the next five years – now’s the time to do your research.  As expected, the media is covering every aspect of the pre-election buzz and the verbal jousting is going back and forth through the radio programs and press conferences.
What a time to be alive!

I’ve gone through both Manifestos and I have my own opinions.  I won’t share them in this post as I only wanted to share the documents themselves, as I realise that many people simply rely on the media analysis and cherry pick what they deem to be important.

So here’s your chance to check it all out – directly from each political party.

Happy reading 🙂

ps – No, you’re not confused. There is only one page for Tautua. That’s what was provided to the media at their launch.


Tautua Samoa Manifesto